Putting waste
to work

Ýmir Technologies specializes in developing and manufacturing waste-to-value solutions based on patented processes that put profitable sustainability and affordable regulatory compliance at the forefront.

Our technologies

We currently offer a value generating solution for processing animal by-products, whether at the industry source or as part of municipal waste management. In addition, several innovations in the pipeline are dedicated to serving a range of municipal and industrial clients treating household waste and producing biofuel from waste.

Profitable Sustainability

As regulatory requirements are refined and demand ever greater effort, technology becomes an increasingly crucial factor in sustainable waste management. Ýmir is a resourceful partner for clients in bringing their operations into full regulatory compliance and future-proofing workflows for prospective changes. These solutions are comprehensive in that they account for revenue generation to create truly cost-effective systems and economic sustainability.

The Future of Waste-to-Value

Equipment built and designed by Ýmir is already providing clients with results that meet or exceed performance specifications. The modules efficiency in practical applications establish a strong basis for future innovation.

Modular Solutions

Our solutions are designed as fully customizable modular bolt-on units, which can be integrated into existing workflows to start generating value for clients immediately. Our team is experienced in dealing with a range of situations and eager to adapt the processes for client-specific needs.